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marton daniel gabor | juice - bio

Marton Daniel Gabor was born into an artist family in Budapest, Hungary. He started to experiment with drawing and photography at an early age. He begin VJ-ing during his University years in MOME in the early 2000s, founded one of the first VJ crews in the country, the Urbanizer Visuals Crew. As a solo video artist he creates projection mapped interiors for theater shows, cutting edge visual projections for electronic music parties, concerts, festivals worked across Europe and opened his horizon towards new art forms.  


In 2013 Marton moved to New York City. Since then, as a member of the visual studio Glowing Bulbs he creates content for building mapping all around the United States and Europe. He has contributed to build a strong visual appearance working as graphic and motion designer, supporting musicians with all forms of artworks, such as album covers, music videos and social media. In the recent years he created outstanding visuals for stage designs and interior projection mappings all over NYC and working as a resident VJ. Besides stage designs and video mapping he consistently develops series of photography, capturing NYC from hidden and unusual perspectives. 

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